Beyond the realm that carnal eyes discern

Eternally reserved for Mind alone

The Ancient Wheels, though still and timeless, turn

Thereto must matter yield as mist to stone


No word of mouth or pen can brave the strait

Nor can sensation's arrows pierce the veil

Alone, can naked Thought behold the gate

Where only Mind can breathe and sense must fail


Along the myst'ry paths of Thought uncurled

The unseen hand of Intuition guides

With dignity before the gate of worlds

With Reason's key the portal opens wide


With fear and trembling comes the shock of pain

As all that once was real dissolves and flees
With agony, the ego's rent in twain
And from its broken shell the soul flies free


What manifests is deep and hidden Real

No sound or words are there for ears to greet

The force and matter of our world revealed

as but illusion and an imp's deceit


What once called out to hands and eyes in lust

or crooned, enticed, and teased desire with greed

Is rendered into shadows, smoke, and dust

By ecstasy of pure reality


All tangible illusions are destroyed
Emancipating what was once concealed

And, overcome with transcendental joy,

Ascended Soul cries out, “The Ancient Wheels!”


By Caleb Beers