Song of Resurgence

Here are the symbols of the sacred life,

The tokens, emblems, and the cornet-calls

Of th' One Good, and of Logos, of the World-Soul;

The wheel, the fire, epiphany's new star;
Witness these, th' breath of life; exalt in awe,
And terror at the myst'ry of all myst'ries,
At birth and at return, at change eternal.


I am the wind that breathes upon the sea;
I am the swell and break of waves at night;
I am the thund'ring roar within the deep;
I am the quick'ning rain which bathes the dirt;
I am the amber ray of morning light;
I am the prairie flower in th' grass sea;
I am the storming bull of many battles;
I am the gliding salmon of the river;
I am the lake upon the whisp'ring plain;
I am the god that emanates th' mind's fire;
I am the word of man resurgent;
I am th' multitudinous forms' cascade;

Who can dispel the nighttide through the hills?

Who can invoke the ageing of the moon?
Who can chant of the sun's abyssal rest?

Whoever you are, why do you wonder?

As first I step upon the land;
As through th' retreating of the dreamlike mist,
As through th' daybreak chorus of wren and finch, 
As through th' crisp air I stride, I compel the land,

              Land of America.